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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 16th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Make your partner dream about you? The answer is yes! Delude your partner? The answer is no! Under the influence of the Venus-Neptune trigon, you'll be able to tell the difference between these two situations. Of course, you'll opt for the former... You're going to do what you can to make your dreams a reality. Your partner wasn't expecting so much...


    Blonde, brunette, short, tall, young, experienced -- today, you know exactly what you want. You'll come up with the ideal person in your mind, and the Venus-Neptune trigon will make you demanding. Though you might not meet your soul mate, you still might meet someone important.

    Sexy tip

    Shy people find it hard to say no, that's why they're so loved. Don't be so reserved! Start asking people out!


    At your job today you'll be confronted by some unexpected developments that will force you to reposition yourself. Under Venus's positive influence, you might even change your method of working, and, why not, enroll in a training course.

    Your finances

    The Sun-Pluto square will be synonymous with financial trouble. In particular, it favors bank account fraud. Don't make any online purchases for a few days, and, of course, don't open any suspicious emails!

    Your lucky number




    You won't hesitate for one second to bring your best friend in on a promising professional opportunity. You'll trust your gut.


    For you today, family means solidity and constancy. You'll instill your child with these values.

    Your saying

    « The past has run away, your hopes are nowhere to be seen, but the present belongs to you » Arab saying


    The time when you could only see your faults has passed. Today, all you can see are your good qualities!

    Your color

    Dark and shady, walnut brown goes ideally with the warm tone of mahogany. A subtle combination for your eyelids.

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