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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 14th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    With Venus's negative influence, it'll be difficult for you to be upfront and clear. You won't be completely truthful with your partner, because you're putting your own desires ahead of your common interests. If you want to spend some time between the sheets, you'll lavish them with compliments. But when it comes time for the show, you might be thinking about somebody else...


    Today, the planet Venus will make you think more about lies, cheating, and corruption than about love! Under its influence, you'll say anything to make yourself look good -- you'll tell people that your father is a powerful businessman, and that you spend your time with the jet set...

    Sexy tip

    Feelings are great, but making love is even better! Think about something else, the atmosphere isn't ideal between you and your partner at the minute.


    Under the astral opposition generated by Mercury-Uranus, you'll be too talkative, as well as a little vain. If you don't want it to backfire, try zipping your trap from time to time!

    Your finances

    You'll blow a lot of hot air but you won't achieve much in the end. The worst of it is that you know exactly what you're doing. In fact, you're mostly just trying to buy some time, hoping for some timely help to make your worries disappear.

    Your lucky number




    You need your friendships to be dynamic. That's why you'll do everything you can to make yourself look good, even if it means embellishing the truth quite a lot!


    During the Mercury-Uranus opposition, the less your family sees of you, the better off they'll be. You'll have a forked tongue.

    Your saying

    « Knowing your ignorance is the best knowledge to have » Chinese saying


    Venus will throw a wrench in your energy... Today you're going to feel like the time is passing ever so slowly!

    Your color

    Tanned brunettes will opt for copper-colored dark orange make-up on their eyes for a fiery look!

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