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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 5th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    At breakfast, your partner might give you a list of errands to run -- groceries, for example. On Saturdays the stores are slammed, and your partner hates that. This evening, they'll go over what you've hunted and gathered... You'll have forgotten almost everything! You can forget about a trip to the bedroom...


    Emotionally speaking, you'll be the busiest person in the Zodiac. You're meeting more and more people and going on more and more dates. Unfortunately, under the discordant influence of Saturn, quantity doesn't mean quality, as you'll find out today. What you want and what they want is going to be all mixed up.

    Sexy tip

    Who will dominate who? You don't know, but trying to figure out will be great fun! Don't ignore your deepest desires - express them instead!


    Because of the asteroid Chiron, your work won't be irreproachable. Everything you do is missing something -- a substantiating document if you're an accountant; a mechanical piece if you're a mechanic, etc. Expect a slap on the wrist!

    Your finances

    Today you'll draft a few letters to pay some bills and taxes. The checks will have been signed and the stamps are ready, but you forgot to buy envelopes... Yes, dear Taurus, how silly of you!

    Your lucky number




    Because of Saturn's dissonance, you'll accept several invitations to events happening at the same time. In order not to make anyone jealous, you'll just stay home!


    Dear Taurus: at home, you'd be easy to track. You're leaving your stuff everywhere, especially your clothes...

    Your saying

    « Passion is a desire one can never fulfill when it is fed by your lover's absence » Jean Royer


    The presence of the asteroid Chiron will make you feel a bit lethargic. You'll feel like your energy has been zapped.

    Your color

    Relaxing and natural, primary green is THE color to give your dresses a fresh and environment-friendly look!

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