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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 3rd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Pluto is going to muddle your mind today, dear Taurus. You might forget your partner's birthday or your promise to take them out for dinner. Even worse, you might forget that you're even in a relationship! See you in the doghouse!


    Today you don't really feel like being desirous of someone. Under Pluto's assaults, you'll be discouraged before you've even begun. What's more, you can no longer stand for convoluted, over-involved romantic situations. For all these reasons, you're not going to be well equipped for conquering hearts.

    Sexy tip

    For you, sex is no more than a bonus in a relationship. It's certainly not a must! A movie could make you feel like making the magic happen... And not even an X-rated one!


    Dear Taurus: the planet Mercury will be quite dissonant in your sign. If you need to drive to work, be careful. You might get into a fender-bender or get a warning for speeding!

    Your finances

    You might lose your credit card, your checkbook, or your wallet while going grocery shopping. Indeed, the Mercury-Pluto square is more or less synonymous will theft or loss! Today the configuration is moving through your financial sector, so be careful!

    Your lucky number




    Dear Taurus: today you'll forget to go to your best friend's birthday. Luckily, they won't hold it against you.


    The Moon-Jupiter trigon will burst into your family life. Thanks to its presence, you'll take on your parental responsibilities quite well.

    Your saying

    « A young person should study wisdom, an old one should put his findings into practice » Jean-Jacques Rousseau


    A dissonant Mars will have you eating whatever, whenever... Not so great for your digestion!

    Your color

    Bright and lively, warmer than white, think about a champagne-colored outfit for your next night out.

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