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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner will see that you're in a bad mood right away -- that's why you'll have breakfast by yourself. Things won't get any better this evening: you're acting like someone died and made you king of the household, and everyone else has to bend over backwards to please you. Expect to have a revolution on your hands!


    Dear Taurus: if someone doesn't fall for you in the first hour, you'll look elsewhere. Under Saturn's influence, love needs to happen fast. Your conquests will just have to hang on tight, because the slightest hesitation on their part is a problem. Today, it's either yes or no -- no maybes. You've got things to do!

    Sexy tip

    Laughter and shared interests are real turn-ons as far as you're concerned! You're happy to share your likes and dislikes in the bedroom with your partner.


    Under the Sun-Moon square you'll have a hard time dealing with the fact that your promotion will be once again put off till later. It's not that people doubt your abilities; it's due simply to budgetary reasons. But that won't lessen your disappointment.

    Your finances

    Under Saturn's dissonance, there will be a delay getting your paycheck. You'll check your account morning noon and night to see whether your money has arrived, even if your banker let you know that you'd have to wait a couple days yet.

    Your lucky number




    For you, a friend should be available 24/7! When you call, they're supposed to drop everything for you. My goodness!


    Dear Taurus: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Today, your kids will display a rare sense of impatience, and in that way, they're just like you.

    Your saying

    « A golden cage doesn't feed the bird » Italian saying


    Thanks to the Sun-Mars trigon, all your senses will be awakened, and you'll have more than enough energy!

    Your color

    Chalk white make-up will seriously brighten up your eyes!

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