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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 28th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Certain things will come back to the surface, and you'll need some time to process them, since it seems you haven't fully digested them yet. In order to avoid stirring up a storm in your relationship, you'll opt to take refuge in silence and take stock of your relationship, as well as what you want to do to save it.


    This person will be upfront with you, although your romance with them may not be. They won't hide the fact that they're living with someone, but that their relationship is on thin ice, and that for now your meetings need to remain a secret. You'll have some reservations about getting involved with this person, afraid that things might lead to a romantic impasse.

    Sexy tip

    Rabbit, duck, Ben Wa balls, pick your accessories together! You will enjoy playing sexy and sensual games together!


    By letting your imagination run a little wild, and by trust your intuition, you'll be able to have some promising professional meetings and negotiations. Your intellectualism will stand out.

    Your finances

    You're trying to figure out how to optimize your budget, and you have some ideas to save more or reduce costs. On the other hand, you won't find a strategy to make more money. The stock market and betting games seem too uncertain to you.

    Your lucky number




    Ask for help from your friends, since you need it. They won't judge you, and they'll do their best to make your life easier.


    You'll need to trace the sequence of events that occurred during a family situation in order to understand what happened.

    Your saying

    « The greatest souls can be the most sinful like the most talented ones » René Descartes


    If you're too sedentary, get out and walk. If you're exercising a lot, take a break. You need to change your rhythm.

    Your color

    Violet, lavender or amethyst, purple is a wonderfully modern yet mysterious color.

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