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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 27th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner's mood might be a little up-and-down this Sunday. The only think you can do is to adapt to them. Or to gripe and grumble about it, which will only make things worse. You should display some patience in their regard and understand that this might be an indication of hesitation or a psychological shift. These things happen to you, too, you know.


    You like people who are solidly rooted, but today you might meet someone who's anything but. They'll tend to let themselves be directed by the whim of the situation, something that's likely to displease you. Don't force yourself to enter into the universe of someone who doesn't suit you. You'll soon have the chance to meet someone more your style.

    Sexy tip

    Relaxing music, subdued lights: create a sensual and peaceful atmosphere! Wear sexy lingerie and a bewitching fragrance.


    Your work life is relatively calm this Sunday. If you work, you'll have to juggle some strong personalities, but it'll be easy. If you're not on call, you won't think about your work for one second.

    Your finances

    You feel very motivated to make more money. You probably have some projects in mind for the summer, and you'll take some time to consider how best to finance them. As creative as you are right now, you'll surely find a way.

    Your lucky number




    If you have projects going on with certain friends, including business projects, this Sunday will be a great day to listen to their point of view and their ideas. Doing so will save you time and let you avoid wasting your efforts.


    You try in vain to explain your vision of things and your ideas to your loved ones. Indeed, everyone wants to impose their own choices, without respecting what other people want. You'll end up getting ticked off.

    Your saying

    « Love people not for yourself, but for who they are » Collin d'Harleville


    By thinking more about yourself than others, you'll have a lot more energy. Re-center your priorities on your own needs and desires.

    Your color

    Use jet-black dye for bright and shiny looking hair.

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