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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 11th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Dear native, couples, you've been more talkative. Is something bothering you? In which case, you need to discuss with your partner. Your attitude may trigger doubt. You don't need to trigger a clash to talk about the reason for your silence. Your partner is beginning to wonder!


    Doesn't look like you're ready for great love! Dear singleton, you still have some doubts about the life you dream about. Emotionally speak, you want to go with the flow of things, you don't want to go against the tide. Forcing destiny is of no interest to you. You'll find positive aspects with your celibacy!

    Sexy tip

    You're literally addicted to the taste of his skin! You want to eat him alive. An unforgettably delightful night is on the cards!


    If things don't go as planned very quickly, you may change your attitude and be more vindictive. Though, your attitude may not please everyone. For better harmony, try to put things in perspective.

    Your finances

    Mercury may increase your buying power and you may come across good deals! This suits you perfectly. However, this doesn't prevent from bills to come along. Regardless of the matter, you need to pay these.

    Your lucky number




    Some of your friends blame you for being excessive when you come across an issue. You blow everything out of proportion. You can't help it!


    A decision or a commitment from a family member makes you feel ill at ease. You aren't shy about talking honestly.

    Your saying

    « Dreaming about love is free, unlike most things nowadays » Maxalexis


    You have a hard time motivating yourself. You may feel a downturn in energy in the middle of the day and this could come in the way of your enthusiasm!

    Your color

    Bright golden blond will give your hair the sexy and sensual look you're looking for!

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