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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 6th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your love life is being treated to the positive influences of the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction as well as its sextile to the Moon. You're both in good spirits and are looking forwards to a day of fun, romance and passion. You are nonetheless advised to tread carefully as negative energies from Uranus are making you oversensitive and erratic.


    The Moon-Neptune square is wreaking havoc with your emotions. You feel anxious, tense and completely incapable of speaking to your love interests, let alone going on a date with them! The stars are urging you to keep yourself to yourself until you're feeling better and not to force yourself, regardless of what your friends and family may recommend.

    Sexy tip

    Have phone sex! It's so exciting and hot... Or even better, stick sexy pictures of yourself in his diary...


    You're so intent on keeping your colleagues happy that you've fallen behind with your own projects. You've been helping out your team mates left, right and center but have not given a second thought to your own deadlines. It's time to find a happy medium.

    Your finances

    You're in desperate need of a vacation and have been scouring ravel websites in search of the perfect destination. Your bank balance won't allow you a five star hotel but you intend to make what little you have go as far as possible. Traveling on a shoe string is your forte!

    Your lucky number




    Moping around at home and feeling sorry for yourself is not the answer to your problems. A few hours with your friends will soon put the smile back on your face.


    You're feeling more openminded but you'll draw the line at giving in to a relative's every whim today. You shouldn't have to be at their beck and call twenty-four seven!

    Your saying

    « Love is a dew that moistens nettles as well as lily flowers » Scandinavian saying


    You're not in a good frame of mind and could end up being taken advantage of as a result. Don't let your doubts get the better of you.

    Your color

    A mix between strawberry and coral red, sparkling russet puts everyone in a summery mood.

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