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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 13th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're in the mood to make fantastic memories with the love of your life today. The Moon/Venus conjunction in your sign encourages you to take part in cultural or artistic activities together. Why don't you pay a local art gallery a visit during the day? Or attend a gig at one of the trendiest venues your city has to offer in the evening?


    The Moon/Venus conjunction in your sign will highlight your creative and artistic nature. You will be seriously attracted to people who enjoy standing out from the crowd such as painters, musicians, actors... Getting to know someone very talented and sensitive will make you incredibly happy today. You cannot believe your luck!

    Sexy tip

    You will dream of passionate, torrid and fiery sexual relationships. Don't let your fantasies take over. Be as ordinary as they come in the bedroom!


    The remarkable Moon/Venus duo in your sign helps you showcase your leadership skills in the workplace. Your brilliant ideas are instantly accepted and your colleagues are more than happy to help you move your career forward.

    Your finances

    Venus in your sign square Jupiter in Capricorn could send an unexpected fine your way... Bad news for your finances! Being penalized for something you can't even remember doing will, unsurprisingly, put you in a foul mood...

    Your lucky number




    You want to hang out with your artist friends today. Trendy coffee shops and local art galleries are where you want to spend most of your spare time. You're such a creative person by nature!


    You're close to your family. You always make sure to pay your loved ones all the attention they need and deserve. That's the least you can do, really!

    Your saying

    "A conscience disturbed by desires cannot be freed. A wisdom disturbed by ignorance cannot develop. " Buddha


    You're in great health, even if the square from Saturn on your sign could trigger back pain. Nothing to lose sleep over.

    Your color

    Vanilla will brighten up your looks and enhance your eyes. Classy!

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