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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- September 5th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If you're in the early days of a new relationship then the chances are that you'll both decide to commit to each other today. You share the same hopes and dreams for the future and everyone who knows you think you make a great team. There is just one subject that you won't see eye to eye on and you'll soon find out what it is...


    You're going round in circles in your love life and feeling very down in the dumps indeed. Reality is not living up to your expectations and it's clear that you've got a lot of thinking to do. It would do you good to pour your heart out to your friends and family and follow their pearls of wisdom to the letter. They always have your best interests at heart.

    Sexy tip

    A romantic night with your partner, are you in? Give the Lotus position a try... Amongst others! Explore new sexual horizons with your other half.


    You're giving your career your best shot but your colleagues aren't rooting for you as much as you had previously thought. You're trying to stay focused on your objectives and put the office politics to the back of your mind. Don't let them bring you down!

    Your finances

    Your income has taken a hit recently and you've found yourself in the red once again. You've been racking your brains for a solution but so far you haven't had much luck. If you're waiting for a magic wand then you could be waiting quite a while...

    Your lucky number




    Differences of opinion with your best friend will throw doubt on the future of your relationship. You have a feeling that they're hiding something.


    Last minute changes of plan in your home life will leave you feeling frustrated. You don't appreciate having to be at your relatives' beck and call.

    Your saying

    "Friends are like violin strings, you mustn't stretch them too far." English proverb


    If you're feeling heavy and lethargic then it's because you haven't been sticking to your fitness regime. Get back on it!

    Your color

    Be bold enough to wear hints of gold to brighten up a dark outfit and spice up your nights!

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