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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 5th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Romanticism is back in your couple! Happiness and joyful moments are on the agenda! You're sweeter with your partner, this person shows his/her feelings. From morning till evening, you may say kind and sweet words to one another! There is a lot of communication. In the evening, sex drive increases in a major way. Naughty moments in sight.


    It's tough not to fall for your charm! A friend may get closer to you. A little fling in sight. It's a mix between friendship and love! Express your feelings as the situation is going to get carried away! Common points get you closer. If one asks you out, say yes. This person will be thrilled.

    Sexy tip

    For you, sex is no more than a bonus in a relationship. It's certainly not a must! A movie could make you feel like making the magic happen... And not even an X-rated one!


    You like advising your colleagues. One of them asks to work with you. There is mutual help and support. You're delighted with promising professional complicity. There are administrative tasks. This requires precision. You may be trained for this.

    Your finances

    Gas expenses or transport may be the reason for spending. Your income vanishes quickly. The situation leads to significant costs, more than you had expected. No need to panic, despite your lifestyle, your salary covers these expenses, easily.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends are important to you and you let them know. Lunch with a long standing friend is possible. Exchanges strengthen your complicity. There is mutual trust.


    A sister or a loved one gets closer. Exchanges are sunny and ties are strengthened. The atmosphere is ideal to tell secrets.

    Your saying

    « The town would be so clean if everyone swept in front of their own house! » Russian saying


    You want to restore beauty! You want to resume your energy. Watch out for sugary food!

    Your color

    A mimosa-yellow top will give you a true Mediterranean look!

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