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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 3rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The times you spend together strengthen your love life. You need to find moments to unwind. Couples, you have tremendous pressure. Outlays, education of your children and your timings tire you out! Grant yourself an evening with intimate moments! There may not be sexuality in your couple. It'll resume due to your crazy charm!


    To meet your soulmate, don't do anything! Cupid may knock on your door! You have a big chance coming across love, through work! Rely on your first impression! This way, you'll be certain, as you see things clearly in your love life these days! You want to love but not lose your independence. Be straight about it!

    Sexy tip

    Laughter and shared interests are real turn-ons as far as you're concerned! You're happy to share your likes and dislikes in the bedroom with your partner.


    You manage your collaborators. Unknowingly, you order around. This attitude creates tensions. You establish order in your department. There could be some work overload! You may work additional hours.

    Your finances

    Mars in Aquarius doesn't help you save money at all! You come across firm favorites! These may concern your car or repairs. Despite these costs, you're not worried. One may even give you the names of good spots for your purchases.

    Your lucky number




    You're impulsively honest and this hurts. There could be a clash with a childhood friend. You may feel guilty. Try to control your emotions!


    An unpleasant atmosphere. You feel the hypocrisy in one of your relations. This situation is oppressive. Talk about it. Root out the evil at once!

    Your saying

    « A wise man doesn't do to others what he wouldn't like done to him! » Mo Zi


    You maintain your figure. There could be little back aches. Go on walks.

    Your color

    Burgundy nail varnish will guarantee you a refined and elegant look.

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