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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 22nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The peaceful Mars/Venus duo will look after your relationship. You and your significant other are literally inseparable at the minute. This is the perfect days to take initiatives designed to move your sentimental life to the next level. Some of you could finally decide to book a romantic trip away to the other side of the world...


    Mars and Saturn in your house V will make you feel like falling in love and finding the relationship of your dreams. Spending the night with a complete stranger you're never going to see again is the last thing on your mind! You're not afraid to talk about how desperate you are to settle down with people you've never met before. You should get close to someone looking for the same thing as you...

    Sexy tip

    Routine kills love. Be creative: do it right now and anywhere! Why don't you treat your partner to a night they'll never forget? You love it too!


    You're used to swimming against the tide in the workplace. You've become an expert at turning bad situations to your advantage! Mercury will once again give you the chance to showcase your diplomatic skills. You will be expected to resolve an argument before it gets out of hand!

    Your finances

    With Jupiter snarling at you from Capricorn, you could find it harder than usual to make ends meet. Where have all those extra bills come from? Make sure all your payments are sent on time. Beware of increasing interest rates on your credit card...

    Your lucky number




    Keep a low profile and avoid your friends until tempers have been tamed. You're seriously advised against speaking your mind!


    Pluto will bring old family conflicts back to the surface. Your loved ones cannot stop arguing amongst themselves! You should know how to calm everyone down...

    Your saying

    « The greatest souls can be the most sinful like the most talented ones » René Descartes


    Listen to your body's little warning signs. Don't wait until you've broken down to have a rest... Take your foot off the gas now!

    Your color

    Dark purple make-up, from lilac to plum, is appropriate all-year round.

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