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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 12th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You find your partner's behavior incredibly awkward. You feel like they're relying far too much on you at the minute. When was the last time they decided anything without asking for your permission first? Ironically, your significant other accuses you of being too independent... You've no idea how to get your relationship back on the right track!


    The planets will not help you find love this Sunday. You could meet someone who, at first, will seem like your idea of the perfect lover! But you will quickly realize how annoying his or her personality actually is... If you have arranged to go on a date with that person, cancel as soon as you can. Don't feel bad for ghosting them, my Libra friend!

    Sexy tip

    Play a naughty dice game: the first number tells you what to do, the second on which part of his body! Or come up with sexy dares for the loser... And make sure that's you!


    You cannot stop thinking about ways to move your career forward, even if you're not physically working this Sunday. You're desperate to be trusted with more responsibilities in the workplace. So why do you keep playing it cool in front of your superiors?

    Your finances

    A great deal you thought was in the bag is on the verge of collapsing! Is it worth fighting for? You're not so sure. Everything happens for a reason, my Libra friend. What if this agreement wasn't as good as you initially thought?

    Your lucky number




    You and a friend still find it hard to agree on anything, but at least you've stopped shouting at each other. Less talking, more listening!


    Your loved ones are a lot more sensitive than you are, remember... Nobody's going to listen to you if you keep being so negative and critical!

    Your saying

    « Friendship asks for nothing but a bit of attention in return » Georges Brassens


    You're a lot more nervous and less confident than you look. Rising stress levels could trigger lower back pain...

    Your color

    Violet, lavender or amethyst, purple is a wonderfully modern yet mysterious color.

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