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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 1st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The presence of a slightly possessive Venus in Taurus will have a negative impact on your relationship. Conflicting desires or incompatible schedules will tear you and your partner apart! Arguments will be on the menu this Wednesday. You like your partner will want to spend at least a few hours away from each other.


    Being in a serious relationship is one of your priorities, but finding love is extremely unlikely. The Venus/Pluto trine will enjoy introducing you to someone who quite clearly isn't right for you this Wednesday! Yes, that person is pleasant to look at, but their personality couldn't be more different from yours... They're far too impulsive and hot-headed for your liking!

    Sexy tip

    There are different ways to caress someone... Massage your partner's "private parts"... Gently please! This is not a medical check-up!


    You keep your head down and do as you're told in the workplace. Thinking outside the box and taking original initiatives is out of the question! You simply want to complete the tasks you've been trusted with on time...

    Your finances

    Jupiter could blow meaningless issues out of proportion in this domain. A late payment or unpaid debt could tip your finances over the edge! Do not spend a single dollar on anything you don't urgently need today.

    Your lucky number




    With Mercury in Pisces, you will be very friendly and sociable. You will find it so easy to talk to strangers! You shouldn't struggle to make new friends.


    You keep quizzing a relative, convinced they're plotting something behind your back! Believe them when they say they've no idea what you're talking about...

    Your saying

    « He who hasn't been sad doesn't know what being happy feels like » Turkish saying


    You could suffer from a sore back. In agony, you may have no other choice but to pay a medical expert a visit.

    Your color

    Milk coffee or chestnut-colored clothes are in fashion. Great for a heartwarming look!

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