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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- January 14th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    While waiting for your couple situation to improve in certain areas which still remain sensitive, you act as if everything is fine. Dear native, your partner isn't fooled, you need to put all your cards on table table, before your receive an offensive remark from the latter and talk about the real issue. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


    Here you are, on the verge of an emotional change. You handle your emotions as you please and it works quite well. Your loved ones are happy for you. You take decisions which seem to reflect you. It's obvious you're happy. You attract others like honey would attract bees. What a success!

    Sexy tip

    Swap your old pajamas for sexy and exciting outfits, you will soon notice a difference! Try not to wear old pajamas or ugly hair curlers in front of him!


    Good interpersonal skills are an added value in terms of your know-how and professionalism. Don't deprive yourself, you're skilled so highlight them. You're not being pretentious dear Libra, you have potential.

    Your finances

    Stars encourage you to be careful with your expenses. Your budget isn't as stable as you think, even if you try persuading yourself the opposite. Making an effort is the best decision you can currently take.

    Your lucky number




    You're ready for just anything for your best friend to be happy and find love. You set a date with a common acquaintance.


    You use provocation. Not very popular with your family. You lay it on thick by stirring existing tensions.

    Your saying

    « There's only one type of love, but thousands of ways to achieve it » La Rochefoucauld


    Little disturbances add on to temporary fatigue. You need to relax and take it easy.

    Your color

    Turkey red on your lips will make you look hot like an oriental belly dancer!

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