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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 8th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You will, much to your partner's surprise, decide to go spend a few days with your parents. You need some fresh air! Taking a step back and spending a bit of time away from your other half could help you find the solutions to your sentimental problems. You will be so happy to see each other again in a few days' time!


    The Moon in your house 5 encourages you to try new ways to find your soul mate. You could decide to attend a salsa class near you in order to meet new faces this evening. Some of the people you will share a dance with will be incredibly interesting... Don't be afraid to ask them if they're single!

    Sexy tip

    Use your pearl necklace to massage your other half's private parts... Passion makes an appearance in your life, and it's there to stay!


    You're barely going to do any work at all this Tuesday, my Libra friend. The good news is that you're impressively good at making it look like you're very busy! Your bosses shouldn't realize how lazy you actually are today.

    Your finances

    Your bank is asking you for more documents in order to grant you the loan you recently applied for. The problem is, you've no idea where those important papers are! Not quite the lazy day you had in mind...

    Your lucky number




    You will call one of your Leo friends and ask them for tips on how to be a great leader. You always feel so guilty after telling people what to do!


    You could be forced to leave work early in order to deal with an unexpected family emergency. Annoying, but nothing major don't worry.

    Your saying

    "A familiar pain is better than an unfamiliar gain." Jewish proverb


    Feeling tired lately? Get some acerola cherry! It'll help you deal with the return of the cold weather.

    Your color

    For wonderfully bright eyes, opt for topaz-colored make-up, to be matched with an intensely blue top.

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