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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 27th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've never seen eye to eye with your in-laws and the situation is about to come to a head today. You'll overstep the mark with your mother in law and your partner will come down on you like a ton of bricks as a result. You've decided to give them all a wide berth until further notice, just to make your point cristal clear.


    The arrival of the Sun in your sign is nothing to be happy about. You're in for your fair share of setbacks and disappointments in your love life today owing to the planetary configuration. You've got your wires crossed with a certain someone and the romance will turn sour before it's even had a chance to get off the ground.

    Sexy tip

    Foreplay will go on for hours and hours, much to your delight. Take your time, let your hair down and enjoy yourself!


    Changes are on the horizon in the workplace and the chances are that you have found yourself with a new boss. You'll get off on the wrong foot when you dare to question their authority today. Watch your step as they could make life very difficult for you indeed...

    Your finances

    There's no denying that your finances have seen better days and you're pointing the finger of blame at your partner this time. They've been spending your joint savings like there's no tomorrow and you'll have no choice but to give them an ultimatum today. Oh dear...

    Your lucky number




    A childhood friend will get back in touch today and it will feel like you only saw each other yesterday. You'll both vow not to leave it so long in the future.


    One of your siblings will ask you for a loan today and you'll have to tell them that you just can't afford it. It's about time they learnt to stand on their own two feet.

    Your saying

    "Triumph without peril brings no glory." Corneille


    You've been eating everything in sight recently so it's no wonder the pounds are creeping back on. Pull yourself together!

    Your color

    Deep blue borderline purple, navy is everywhere these days! Ideal for both your clothes and accessories.

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