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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 20th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Communication is at an all-time low in your relationship. You're not seeing eye to eye on anything at the moment and your differences of opinion are having a disastrous effect on your life as a couple. You'll decide to leave the thorny issues for another time and instead focus on getting the passion back in your relationship. First stop is the bedroom!


    Your head is on your shoulders and you're determined to do things the right way from now on. You've let yourself get swept up in the heat of the moment and you regret diving in at the deep end. You're trying to listen to your head instead of your heart when making decisions about your love life and the stars suggest you've got the right approach. Treat them mean, keep them keen!

    Sexy tip

    Plan the sexual act in details: it's funny and exciting to know what's awaiting you... Slowly turn him on: write down what you want to do to him in his diary...


    You're feeling out of your depth at work and you don't think you're being given enough guidance by your superiors. You're doing your best but unfortunately the lack of support is clear to see in the quality of your work.

    Your finances

    You're trying to keep closer control of your finances and you find it reassuring to keep a spreadsheet with your earnings and outgoings. You'll soon be approaching your bank for a business loan or mortgage and you want to make sure you have all angles covered.

    Your lucky number




    You'll stop whatever you're doing at the drop of a hat in order to help out a friend today. You always seem to be coming to their rescue at the moment!


    A family disagreement will bring up a whole host of issues from the past. Refrain from pointing the finger of blame and instead try to come up with a solution.

    Your saying

    « Five in the hand is worth more than ten waiting » Greek saying


    Your diet has slipped recently and you're keen to get back on the wagon. There's no time like the present so why not start today?

    Your color

    Dark licorice goes so well with mandarin orange. You look like someone who knows how to look after herself.

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