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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Why don't you ask your partner to play your favorite sport with you today? You know what they say, couples who exercise together stay together! It'll give you something other than your problems to talk about... Your sex life is slightly disappointing right now. Find a way to spice it right up! Dress to impress this Monday, you won't regret it.


    Things aren't going according to plan and your patience will be put to the test in this domain. If somebody has caught your eye, you will only be attracted to that person from a physical point of view. Don't expect to fall in love with anyone anytime soon! Going out looking for your soul mate tonight would be a waste of time. Why don't you go watch a movie with a good friend instead?

    Sexy tip

    An inebriating scent and delightful massage - get the night off to a spectacular start. Hollywood kisses will kick-start your night, be patient!


    You're looking for a job that would allow you to make the most of your potential. You're desperate to raise your profile in this domain. Start your job search but don't hand in your resignation yet! Keep on working hard even if you're not happy with your current situation.

    Your finances

    Err on the side of caution until you find a new, better-paid job. Stretch your money as far as you can. Don't be afraid to negotiate lower prices for the things you need to purchase today. Start shopping at discount stores near you!

    Your lucky number




    One of your friends wants to cut off all contact with you. It's their choice, and you have to respect it. You're not happy about it, but that's life.


    You and your parents have nothing interesting to talk about. You feel as if you weren't related to those people at times... Don't tell them that, they wouldn't like it!

    Your saying

    "When souls lean toward life, destiny is forced to respond to them."


    Give various relaxation techniques a try today. Saturn in Capricorn tires you out... Stop moaning!

    Your color

    Classy and bright, tomato-red lipstick will give you a sensual and ravishing smile!

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