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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- September 3rd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're racking your brains to find new ways of keeping your relationship alive but nothing seems to be working so far. Your possessive streak has become a bone of contention and your partner has made it clear that there is no grounds for your jealous behavior. If you keep trying to control them then you'll only end up pushing them further away.


    There is an undeniable attraction between you and a certain someone but you don't feel ready to let your guard down just yet. No matter how many times they try to convince you that their intentions are honorable, you just can't shake off the feeling that something isn't right. Could it be that your lack of self-confidence is preventing you from finding love?

    Sexy tip

    Set the scene: a light meal, aphrodisiac drinks, sensual music... Be sweet, caring and romantic! Scatter rose petals all over the marital bed!


    You're back in your boss's good books so you can breathe a sigh of relief for now. Your recent efforts have more than made up for your past mistakes. You may have to have a word with your co-workers today if you don't think they're pulling their weight in a joint project.

    Your finances

    Jupiter is encouraging you to pull your finger out and pay back those debts once and for all. Make a detailed list of your fixed costs this month and try to limit your spending to just the essentials such as groceries and travel costs. If you can live without it then don't buy it!

    Your lucky number




    Your head is full of questions but a close friend will help to give you some much-needed perspective. Make sure you listen to their advice as they're talking from experience.


    You feel like you're walking on eggshells when talking to one of your parents today. They always seem to get the wrong end of the stick!

    Your saying

    "The future is a great place to store dreams." Anatole France


    You're feeling down in the dumps and are finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. Try to think positively and not let life's ups and downs get the better of you.

    Your color

    A raspberry red top will brighten up your gray outfits and make you look healthy!

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