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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Under the Moon/Venus conjunction going through your sign, you and your partner will act like a couple of lovestruck teenagers who've only just started dating! You literally cannot stop looking at each other and you won't let go of each other's hand this Wednesday... You're so happy that nothing could put you in a bad mood today.


    What if we told you that you could fall in love with someone who isn't your usual type? Anything is possible with Venus influencing your sentimental desires today. Stop going for the same kind of lover. Cupid will make sure that someone different from all your exes catches your eye today. You wouldn't even have noticed your new crush a few days ago!

    Sexy tip

    Walk around the house in sexy underwear to turn your partner on. Lingerie never goes unnoticed! Be as glamorous as you can, it will stimulate your sex life.


    You only go to work because you have to, not because you want to. You don't enjoy anything you're asked to do in the workplace these days. Besides, you and your colleagues cannot stop arguing at the moment...

    Your finances

    You're sick of worrying about your finances. All you want to do in the summer is spend money and enjoy yourself! But your bank account isn't bottomless, unfortunately... Filling in some paperwork could also get on your nerves this Wednesday!

    Your lucky number




    You will be confronted with dishonest and malicious people today. Run away from them as fast as you can! They're not worth the headache...


    You keep a low profile and stay away from the family drama unfolding at home. You pretend that those arguments have nothing to do with you!

    Your saying

    "Freedom to love isn't less holy than freedom to think." Victor Hugo


    You're not really in the mood to exercise today... Sunbathing is a great way to stock up on energy, right?

    Your color

    Zinzolin, a dark red close to purple, will look so good on your nails!

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