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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You will try your best to put the advice you were given into practice today, but you could struggle to take the plunge and actually make the changes you have in mind, my Libra friend... Stop criticizing your other half and blaming them for your inability to fix your sentimental problems. You two cannot carry on like this!


    Stay single if you don't like any of the potential partners gravitating around you today. There's no point in settling down with someone who isn't 100% right for you! Don't feel guilty for making someone sad, focus on your own needs and priorities in this domain. He or she will patiently wait for you to change your mind...

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you come up with a couple of naughty scenarios and roleplays? Show off your creative side, have sex in unusual places!


    Your diplomatic skills will once again help you shine in the workplace today. You will know how to defuse all kinds of arguments unfolding around you in this domain. You're so good at calming people down!

    Your finances

    You will have even more luxurious tastes than usual today. Be careful and stay away from designer stores this Saturday! Yes, you can afford new clothes or a new watch right now, but you could seriously regret it come the end of the month or September...

    Your lucky number




    The social butterfly that you are will be asked by one of your friends to organize a huge party for tonight. You love being in charge of livening things up!


    You once again realize that you cannot change the way your brothers and sisters are. Accept it and make peace with them!

    Your saying

    "Beauty is only the promise of happiness." Stendhal


    You are full of energy today, but try to cut down on sugar and stay away from dishes cooked in thick, creamy sauces.

    Your color

    Silky and smooth, dove gray goes wonderfully well with brownish-gray and pastel colors.

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