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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- July 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You appreciate the moments of peace and quiet, but your partner doesn't enjoy them quite as much. The stars are disturbing your day-to-day and tend to present you with pitfalls to be avoided. Dialogue and tenderness are your assets that will help you to relax the tensions in your relationship. These disputes might stem from hurt egos.


    Your approaches may be crowned with success, but as soon as you see an opening, you think about your past, and the fear of not being loved enough is haunting you. These toxic thoughts might penalize your interactions and even completely block your spirit. Don't doubt your powers of seduction one bit, because your charm is quite real.

    Sexy tip

    Give him world class foreplay, you won't be disappointed! Silky sheets, scented candles and a bottle of champagne, there's nothing like it to put you in the mood...


    The fear of failure is there, and you've noticed that your colleagues are making progress while you tread water. You might have the impression that you're at a crossroads as to the future of your career. You may resign.

    Your finances

    Saturn in Capricorn is forcing you to reduce your expenditures. You're only spending on things that are truly useful. You might be viewed as tightfisted, even though you're actually just prudent. You're thinking more than you're buying, putting off your purchases till later.

    Your lucky number




    It's time to give someone who needs to be enlightened a piece of your mind. You won't pull any punches, and this honesty will bring you closer.


    One of your relatives might ask you to help them with some practical. It might be an older relative asking you to take action.

    Your saying

    "Each blade of grass has its part of dew." Chinese proverb


    Think about taking more time for your lunch break, not to mention relaxation. Stress is tending to get the better of you.

    Your color

    Velvet brownish-red items of clothing will guarantee you a warm and elegant look.

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