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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 18th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    All you want to do today is curl up on the couch with your partner and spend some quality time together. Unfortunately your partner has made plans with their friends and you'll barely clap eyes on each other until later this evening. You often feel like a spare wheel in this relationship and you're coming to the end of you tether.


    There is a high chance that you will meet someone special through work today. Whether they be a colleague, client or even your boss, you certainly seem to be smitten with each other! Rest assured that this budding romance will not be detrimental to your career or professional reputation, just as long as you are discreet about it.

    Sexy tip

    You're literally addicted to the taste of his skin! You want to eat him alive. An unforgettably delightful night is on the cards!


    The Moon is being influenced by Mercury and the result will be very positive for your career. A new job offer will make its way to you this afternoon although it may require you to move cities or even countries if you intend to accept it. It's up to you to weigh up the pros and cons and negotiate your salary.

    Your finances

    Your income is on the rise and your outgoings are less than they used to be. You've worked hard at improving your financial situation and your efforts are finally paying off so you can pat yourself on the back. Your nearest and dearest are all asking what your secret is.

    Your lucky number




    A friend will prove instrumental in helping you to get your foot on the ladder in your career. They're willing to put a good word in for you with their boss.


    Your parents are at each other's throats and you'll find yourself having to take sides. Make sure you get your facts straight first...

    Your saying

    « Dreaming about love is free, unlike most things nowadays » Maxalexis


    The pressure is mounting at work and you're struggling to cope. An improved diet and more sleep would help you to keep on top of things.

    Your color

    Bright golden blond will give your hair the sexy and sensual look you're looking for!

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