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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 6th, 2022 -

  • Astro news

    Astro news

    The Moon/Pluto trine will push you to express your secret desires, but it will sometimes take a lot of talent to communicate them harmoniously.

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your couple will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, all for a smile! Your other half will not like it, considering it too naughty to be honest. Far be it from you to seduce, it will be a question of politeness. True or false, you will be completely wrong in the eyes of your other half who will not believe a word you say.


    You will be the specialist of repeated crushes to the point of getting lost in all the names of your virtual darlings. This whirlwind will eventually tire you out, especially since nothing concrete is on the horizon with a meeting at the end. You will doubt that you will find your soul mate through this means.

    Love advice

    Charming, you will have a hard time resisting the enticing smiles. Single, your smile will please, but your heart of artichoke will cool your suitors. As a couple, your partner will not hesitate to call you to order. Listening to your heart's feelings first will balance yours.



    Your progress will be confirmed and the position you have been seeking for a long time will be granted to you. You will be able to tackle 2023 with a high morale, while remaining realistic. You will not lower your work pace, determined to finish everything on time.

    Your finances

    One unreasonable purchase and you're under a lot of stress. It's time to be a little more rigorous in managing your portfolio and to draw a line under spending habits, especially in this pre-holiday period.


    Health & wellbeing

    You will be hyper attentive to your physical form and your appearance, but without taking control, your freedom is paramount to your eyes.


    Friends & family

    You will want to share good news with your loved ones, but to your great regret, one of them will seem to lose interest in your fate.

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