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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 20th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship has taken a back seat whilst you work through some complications in your family life. Your partner feels like a spare wheel in this relationship and is on the brink of suggesting you go your separate ways. Today's events will be a wake up call and you'll vow not to take your loved one for granted from this day onwards.


    Your love like is a desert at the moment and boredom could lead you back into the arms of your ex. You'll make it clear that a relationship is not on the cards but flirting and bedroom activities definitely are! You'll be taken by surprise though when the memories come flooding back and you start wondering if things could be different a second time round. What a difference a day makes...

    Sexy tip

    You go straight to the point, there's no beating around the bush with you! No foreplay, you skip straight through to dessert!


    The zodiac is accentuating your rebellious nature and making you want to play devil's advocate with your colleagues. You won't let anyone else get a word in edgeways, not even the big boss. You won't win yourself any admirers but that was never your intention anyway!

    Your finances

    Your impatient nature could end up getting the better of you today. The Mars-Pluto duo is wreaking havoc with your finances and causing to act irrationally. You'll make a string of bad decisions this afternoon and will be left out of pocket as a result.

    Your lucky number




    A friend will suggest a night out on the town this evening and you'll reluctantly agree to join them. It's the last thing you feel like though!


    The end of the year is fast approaching and you're aware of just how far you and your family have come. It's still a work in progress though.

    Your saying

    "Nothing was ever achieved in this world without passion." Hegel


    You've been overindulging on all the wrong foods recently but you've decided to put a stop to it. That's the spirit!

    Your color

    Mysterious and sexy, opt for a fiery red lipstick!

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