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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 7th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship has not been plain sailing recently but you've put the hard work in and you're finally getting somewhere. You're both looking for solutions rather than problems as you still believe that this love story deserves a happy ending. Just remember that living in each other's pockets will only cause you to come to blows more often.


    A serious relationship is the very last thing on your mind but you're more than happy to flirt your little socks off and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Your freedom is very important to you although your bohemian lifestyle is often criticized by your family members. You respect their opinions but you don't personally see any harm in trying before you buy.

    Sexy tip

    It will be in your best interest to guide his hand and his lips... Make it last! Cuddle and kiss him for a long time before the act...


    You've been playing with fire at work recently so don't be surprised if your boss gives you an ultimatum today: either stick to the rulebook or find yourself demoted with immediate effect. Cutting corners is not the answer to your problems...

    Your finances

    A costly emergency will throw your finances into disarray today. Unfortunately there's no way out of it but you still have the chance to negotiate a flexible repayment plan with the service provider in order to soften the blow. It's worth asking, at least.

    Your lucky number




    A friend will stand you up at the last minute and you won't be ready to forgive them in a hurry. You'll decide to give them the cold shoulder until further notice.


    An Aries family member will ruffle your feathers today and you'll give them a piece of your mind in return. Sparks are flying in your household!

    Your saying

    "When one can keep one's promise without becoming unlawful, one must keep one's word." Confucius


    You've put on a few pounds recently and can hardly fit in to your clothes. Stop gorging on fatty foods and candy!

    Your color

    Extra-large handbags can be no other color than navy blue!

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