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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 8th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The past will be behind you and you'll convince your partner to head towards a promising future. Just like you, he/she will be tired with your disagreements and just like you, your partner will want the mutual aspects to get you closer and not let the differences create distance. Your shared feelings will come together.


    There won't be anything obsessional in your way of taking things, but you'll be certain about sharing strong moments with this person, that you'll meet unexpectedly. Your impressions will echo with this person, so well that you won't need to explain anything to one another, as this mutual attraction will be a sign of destiny.

    Sexy tip

    Lively sex will do you a world of good by bringing your levels of aggression down! Take control of the situation: ride him!


    You won't care about the things which were said or done behind your back. You'll hear some gossip but this won't shake up your certainty to succeed. You know that one day, this problem will come along.

    Your finances

    Against all expectations, this financial transaction will work well for you. Indeed, given the exchanges in this area, you didn't really feel secure about the outcome. This buyer will be delighted and ask you if you have other things on sale.

    Your lucky number




    It'll be complicated with others. You'll be either too demanding or totally indifferent. Your attitude may trigger hostility.


    United and complicit, you'll be really in sync with this loved one. You knew you were in tune with one other and this shall be confirmed.

    Your saying

    "Hope is to believe life has a meaning." Abbé Pierre


    You alone will know where you draw your energy. It'll be inexhaustible as soon as you resume your inner balance.

    Your color

    Aniline red nail varnish will give your fingers a classy and ultra-girly look.

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