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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- October 24th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner will be at each other's throats all day long. You both like to have the final say and you're both too proud to back down and admit defeat. On a more positive note, you still see eye to eye in the bedroom so at least that's something! There's still plenty of room for improvement in other areas though so don't grow complacent...


    Your high expectations clearly aren't working in your favor when it comes to finding love. Fortunately the zodiac will help you to realize that no-one is perfect and that you could be waiting a very long time indeed if you don't make some concessions. On the upside, you're enjoying the dating game at the moment and it won't be long until you move to the next stage with a special someone.

    Sexy tip

    Turn your body into a candy your partner wants to unwrap right now! Your taste buds have an important role to play during sex!


    You've got a lot on your plate at work and will barely have a second to think today. To make matters worse, one of your colleagues is trying to walk all over you and take the credit for your hard work. You are advised to proceed with caution until their intentions become clear as this is a recipe for disaster.

    Your finances

    The astral configuration is encouraging you to set yourself a strict budget for the month. Your social life costs a fortune so this is one area in which you could definitely make some cutbacks. Stick to buying only the bare essentials today.

    Your lucky number




    One of your friends is being unnecessarily hard on you today. They like to boss you about but they rarely practice what they preach...


    One of your relatives has an axe to grind with you and seems intent on making you pay for your past mistakes. This could get nasty...

    Your saying

    "Silence is a friend who never betrays you." Confucius


    You've been rushed off your feet recently but now it's time to slow down and start looking after your health. Gently does it!

    Your color

    A bladder-green outfit will be the ideal thing to wear for a weekend spent walking in the countryside.

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