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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 13th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're on the defensive with your partner today in light of the constant stream of criticism you've received over the past few days. The astral configuration indicates that honesty is the best policy and you should let your partner know how you feel rather than giving them the cold shoulder. Your loved one will extend an olive branch by preparing a candlelit dinner for two.


    A recent encounter has renewed your faith in true love. You've decided to let your guard down and allow this person to see the real you. You're surprised by the strength of your feelings and are even starting to hear wedding bells and the pitter patter of tiny feet. It's just the beginning but the stars indicate that the best is yet to come. Lucky you!

    Sexy tip

    Forget about usual scenarios and opt for an original and erotic role-play. Invent an adventurous life for yourself in order to stimulate your desires.


    Your creative streak will come to the forefront at work today and help you to tie up the loose ends on your projects. He who dares wins, as they say, and you have no intention of leaving your career to chance. Let your imagination run wild!

    Your finances

    The planets are causing you to act recklessly and take unnecessary risks with your cash. You know deep down that there's no room for error in your finances but that won't stop you from signing on the dotted line without reading the small print. Oh dear...

    Your lucky number




    You've made some risky decisions recently and your friends have tried but failed to talk some sense into you. You'll just have to learn the hard way.


    Your family members are always by your side when the going gets tough. You honestly don't know where you'd be without them!

    Your saying

    "It's as easy to fool oneself without noticing it as it is hard to fool someone else without them noticing it." La Rochefoucauld


    Your emotions are all over the place and your moods are up and down like a yo-yo. Oh dear...

    Your color

    Ash, steel or mouse, gray is THE color in fashion these days!

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