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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- July 1st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus's negative influence will snuff out the passion in your relationship. Your partner will criticize you for lying to them. Your explanations won't cut it, and the resultant argument will be serious.


    Everyone has the right to keep secrets, you'll tell them. But they want to hear about your past relationships! Today, and not only today, you won't be in the mood to answer questions. The more you interact with this person, the deeper you'll hunker down into your shell.

    Sexy tip

    An erotic massage will help you evacuate your sexual energy... Brush his stomach with your hair, caress his hips with the tip of your fingernail.


    You can't wait for your career to take off, but things will be up and down for a while. Certain colleagues don't appreciate your trying to outdo everyone.

    Your finances

    Take advantage of the Mars-Saturn sextile to look over the financial options open to you. You're thinking of those who are needier than you.

    Your lucky number




    There are virtual friendships, long-distance ones, and then there's yours... Yep -- you'll make a friend at work!


    If you have children from a previous relationship, you won't be very keen on having more with your current partner.

    Your saying

    « The past has run away, your hopes are nowhere to be seen, but the present belongs to you » Arab saying


    You'll give your immune system an impossible problem to solve: rich food + poor sleep = ?

    Your color

    Natural and appeasing, the soft and shiny brown of Judean pitch on your eyes matches your beige outfit.

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