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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You might not be very available for your partner because of a situation with a family member, and that might cause some tension. You're having trouble communicating with your partner. You're both on the defensive.


    Your family wants you to find someone, and they might ask you a lot of questions. You don't have much to say. You don't feel like discussing it.

    Sexy tip

    Talking about the most intimate of your desires will be a good way to keep the night going... Don't bother with clothes... They'll soon end up on the floor!


    The climate at work is bad. You might feel like your job is on the chopping block, but don't panic. You've been through worse. Tomorrow's another day.

    Your finances

    Things are starting to ease up for you with your finances. If you have some debts to pay, a friend or family member might lend you a hand.

    Your lucky number




    A friend might help you out with a project. It's a real weight off your back.


    There might be some friction with your family members. You're on edge.

    Your saying

    « We learn little in victory, but a lot in defeat » Japanese saying


    You've been burning the midnight oil, and now you're starting to feel on edge. Get some rest.

    Your color

    Klein blue gives you an electrifying look!

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