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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- February 10th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus shall boost your couple. Your exchanges will become creative, fun and passionate again, this is key for you. You'll spend more time together, try to improve everyday organization. All this in an atmosphere which favors sharing and mutual helping, that should make you a united and happy couple.


    A major heart stopper in sight, you won't know this person at all. You'll be struck in the heart in an unexpected manner. Before getting carried away, you'll need to clarify situations with an ex, as you still have things to settle or to free yourself from obligations.

    Sexy tip

    Learn how to put your sensations into words... Talking about it is so exciting! Plan a "sexy" dinner: don't forget to "spoon" for dessert!


    Several astral influences will supervise your activities and give you the opportunity to take action. Trust Mars to give momentum to your initiatives and get them acknowledged for their true worth.

    Your finances

    Better be safe than sorry with Moon in your sector 2. Your sign's luck and insolent confidence, won't catch on today. Your financial balance will be preserved by handling your accounts carefully and with persistence.

    Your lucky number




    You'll be fed up of some hypocritical people. You'll distance yourself to avoid proclaiming your way too honest thoughts.


    Even if you're not attached to this relative, try to make an effort as you could be blamed for being at the heart of a family argument.

    Your saying

    « Love people not for yourself, but for who they are » Collin d'Harleville


    Physically speaking, you'll do your best to optimize your shape. Diet, sports, jogging early in the morning, everything will good.

    Your color

    Saffron or sapphire blue is THE color to wear on your dresses or shoes this year!

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