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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- December 7th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If you already have a ring on your finger then tread very carefully as the path ahead looks set to be rocky. Dissonances from the Moon and Venus are driving a wedge between you and your other half. You're not seeing eye to eye on anything these days and you're both refusing to accept your fair share of the blame. This relationship is well and truly beyond repair.


    The powerful effects of the Moon-Venus square are doing nothing to reassure you. Your love life has started to stagnate and you've lost all hope of ever putting an end to your lonely single days. A certain someone has been blowing hot and cold with you and you've decided to cut off all contact with them starting from today. You've found yourself back at square one.

    Sexy tip

    Sensual voice, sexy look... Tell him all about your fantasies! You will prove to be impressively inventive and creative in the bedroom.


    If you own your own business then you may be struggling to find competent staff. You've parted ways with a few team members recently and don't want to employ anyone new without being sure that they'll do the job justice. So far no-one fits the bill...

    Your finances

    If your bank account is running on empty then you'll make the mistake of writing a cheque or swiping your credit card in order to avoid making any sacrifices. Bad move! To make matters worse, you'll even hide your sins from your partner as you know they'd come down on you like a ton of bricks if they found out.

    Your lucky number




    You've poured your heart and soul into a friendship but it's time to admit that it just isn't working. Cut your losses and leave them where they belong: in your past.


    You don't think you should have to spoil your kids rotten at Christmas as they already get whatever they want 365 days a year. You're like a year-round Santa Claus.

    Your saying

    "One asks the flower for its perfume and the man for politeness." Hindu proverb


    Venus is encouraging you to overindulge on all the wrong foods. Watch what you put on your plate...

    Your color

    Golden and bright as the morning sun, aurora yellow makes your skin look healthy!

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