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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 1st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Troubled by the turn of events, you'll wonder if your partner doesn't have someone else in mind in terms of romantic thoughts. You'll snoop around the social network, to see if your intuition was true. You won't find any proof as for the latter's infidelity, but you'll have a hard time getting rid of this feeling of betrayal.


    Mercury in Pisces will make you shyer, but this won't excuse your verbal tactlessness. Your loneliness will weigh you down, you'll act as if you've come across a heart stopper but all you want is to find a solution for your lack of love. Happy with this bargain, you'll seriously lack social skills, during this date.

    Sexy tip

    Out of control, you will barely give him enough time to catch his breath! Devilishly good sex is what you're after today!


    You'll go to work whistling, as you'll have new ideas to finish this tricky file. Sure about yourself, you'll convince your colleagues who'll support your offer. This meeting will put you in the limelight.

    Your finances

    You'll be given the chance to earn more money, you'll accept this transaction but you'll refuse to really invest in this financial project. You've thought this out well, the time you devote won't match up the pay.

    Your lucky number




    You thought this relationship was friendly but now it's falling apart. You won't really be affected as you had doubts on this person's honesty and integrity.


    While you'll keep mum, a loved one will take you on, to talk about some family affairs, dating back several months.

    Your saying

    « Heaven on earth can be found between a woman's breasts, on the back of a horse and in a good book » Arab saying


    Don't go overboard with food supplements. Some are rather strong and could trigger secondary effects.

    Your color

    A heliotrope purple dress will give you a romantic look this year!

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