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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your couple goes through strong ups and downs, depending on the period. Today while everything is calm, you'll begin thinking about your mutual past, your best moments and regret that you didn't enjoy them enough. You'll feel a sense of void and regrets. An incomplete feeling disturbs your peace for the day.


    For you too buddy singleton, the past seems to resurface more and more often and intensely. You know very well that nothing can come out of this and that you need to look towards the future and not the past. Even so, you don't hesitate looking back. This can only hurt you. Take action!

    Sexy tip

    You're not a pushover, especially not in the bedroom! You will show your partner that. In a cheeky mood, your sex drive has never been so high!


    Under the impulses of the Sun/Saturn duo, you are in perfect control of yourself and this makes others trust you. You'll be entrusted with important tasks and this shall prove that your superiors respect you.

    Your finances

    Jupiter brings some luck provided you're reasonable while handling your money. Once the current expenses are calculated and saved, pamper yourself without going overboard. Try out a game of chance, you might win!

    Your lucky number




    Unique friends, that's what you're looking for. You'll find them! They'll be delighted to meet you/or get to know you around mutual friends.


    You'll experience great joy through your children, Mercury confirms this but so does Jupiter. You'll be proud of them!

    Your saying

    "He who didn't cross the river cannot laugh at someone who drowned." African proverb


    Great energy is offered by Uranus and Mars. It's your move to pace yourself so that you don't get hurt.

    Your color

    Chic and delicate, dove-gray looks perfect on your skirts, blouses and scarves.

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