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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 24th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Credit where it's due, you will try your absolute best to fulfill your partner's needs today! But how are you supposed to make someone who doesn't know what they want happy? You will find it impossible to understand what your lover expects from you in the bedroom. Besides, their fickle nature could lead them to spend a lot of money on things they don't need... Learn how to say no!


    You're looking for a bit of fun, which is why you could hit on pretty much anything that moves this Saturday! You shouldn't struggle to find people interested in spending the night with you... But which one should you pick? And are you sure that sex really is the only thing you're actually looking for?

    Sexy tip

    A 'cuddle' for dessert is already whetting your appetite! Let your partner eat you alive... Give him a meal he will not forget for the rest of his life!


    Freelancers will be disappointed by how much they are actually going to get paid for the project they're working on. Those of you with a permanent contract may not get the bonus they were promised by their bosses... Are you in the right job, my Leo friend?

    Your finances

    A friend could ask to borrow money off you today, and you won't hesitate to give them what they need! Please be aware, however, that they're probably never going to pay you back... You can be far too generous for your own good at times, you know!

    Your lucky number




    Going into business with friends or getting too close to the people you work is often a bad idea. Success breeds jealousy, my Leo friend...


    You feel like one of your children is hiding something away from you today. Carry out your own little investigation...

    Your saying

    "Friends are like violin strings, you mustn't stretch them too far." English proverb


    Not being able to make your mind up will have a negative impact on your stress levels today. You're visibly more nervous than usual this Saturday!

    Your color

    A mix between raspberry and mauve, garnet red warms up all of your accessories, from rings to headbands.

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