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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- November 11th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You will be so cold and distant towards your partner today! They will try everything possible to get you out of your shell and convince you to do something nice together this Sunday, but it won't really work... You might accept to go out with your other half for an hour or so, but that's about it!


    Those of you on working this Sunday could meet someone interesting in the office. It's not often that you're actually excited about going to work... You want to find out more about that person, but you know full well that going out with someone you work or collaborate with is a very bad idea! You're too sensible for your own good at times...

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try having sex in an unusual place? The risk of being caught turns you on! You could explore new horizons on the sex front, with your partner's approval of course!


    The planets will particularly support those of you who are considering a career change this Sunday. If you're one of those people currently at a crossroads, apply for as many jobs as you can today, you should be invited to attend several interviews over the next few weeks!

    Your finances

    Your negotiation skills are second to none and you know how to sniff out great deals and unmissable opportunities, especially in the real estate market! This is a great day to look for the house of your dreams...

    Your lucky number




    You will admit your mistakes and apologize for this huge argument you had with a friend recently. Saying sorry is a sign of strength, not of weakness!


    Today, your children will find out that they can't always get what they want. It's important to say no from time to time if you don't want your authority to be challenged.

    Your saying

    "Most often, stupidity is the sister of wickedness." Sophocles


    Impressively strong-minded, your ability to stay in a good mood no matter what will have a positive impact on your physical health today.

    Your color

    Lavender eyes are in fashion for blondes or fair-skinned brunettes!

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