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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- October 25th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner might be irritated as the latter has the impression that you're not really devoted to your everyday life. According to you, things are simple, you have feelings so there is no need to go overboard. But your partner won't see things the same way and might blame you for not being caring enough. So make an effort, you don't need to do much to satisfy your partner.


    You won't know what you want anymore today and this could disturb your entourage. Nobody will know where you stand. A recent encounter will attract you and you'll feel like taking things further with this person but at the same time your need for independence will prevent you from doing you. Make up your mind!

    Sexy tip

    Jump on him, rip his clothes off, scratch him, bite him, be wild! Your libido is all over the place! Fulfill your desires...


    Your mind will be miles away from work today and it'll be better to avoid taking initiatives or beginning new projects. Stick to what you master, this way you'll avoid making some big mistakes.

    Your finances

    Use this day to sort out your papers and handle important papers which you had put on the side especially concerning a financial family affair that you'll need to handle very quickly.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends will appreciate your presence and your majestic calm. More relaxed than usual, you'll be attentive and benevolent with each one.


    Some family discussions could get out of hand for no reason. Talking at cross-purposes, it could lead to misunderstandings quickly enough.

    Your saying

    "Love is not just a feeling, it's also an art." Honoré de Balzac


    You'll come across migraines and will have a hard time bearing noise. Avoid stressful activities and try out meditation to relax.

    Your color

    Seafoam green will give you an authentic and natural look.

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