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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 24th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll give the best of yourself in your relationship so that your partner feels as good as possible. You like to make them laugh, to pamper them, to show them things... They never get bored with you. Long-term couples might even find something new to do together that they're both passionate about.


    Your heart might be torn between two very different people. You won't know how to make the choice. If only each of them could be more like the other! In any case, you'll feel loved and desired, and that will do you a lot of good. You needed it.

    Sexy tip

    For once, don't go straight to the point. Be a little subtler... Take the time to enjoy each other's bodies tonight!


    You'll be bored to death at work this Monday. Certain Leos will be so unhappy at work that they'll even consider browsing job offer sites. You need more responsibilities and a big change in your life.

    Your finances

    One of your friends might ask you to loan them some money so they can fix their fiscal situation. But you're not very into the idea of mixing money and friendship; you're afraid that this could damage your relationship.

    Your lucky number




    Today will be the perfect day to assess your friendships. You don't need any fake friendships anymore, only real friends.


    You will be surprised to see how important your advice is to your loved ones. You will feel noticed by them.

    Your saying

    "Our brains are filled with calculations that we like to call hopes." Plato


    You're a little gourmand right now, and you'll want to devour all the sweets in your cupboard. Hang in there!

    Your color

    Chic and natural, burnt sienna is the perfect color for your leather clothes!

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