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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 9th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today is ideal for finally bringing up certain subjects you haven't had the courage to yet. Why not try to really say what's on your mind, this time, so that there's no more gray areas with your partner? That'll finally let you get rid of all your feelings of frustration.


    Leos might meet someone today, probably in a library or somewhere related to culture, writing, or communications (Mercury). If your heart is open to meeting someone, this will be a very special opportunity. Don't hesitate to approach people.

    Sexy tip

    Dress to impress, you will easily grab his attention today. Break your routine, don't be afraid or shy to bring your fantasies to life!


    This Sunday, take advantage of your free time to work on your personal projects. You'll probably need help from someone else to finish up certain projects, and you'll be happy to work in a pair.

    Your finances

    You'll become conscious of your skills and potential. By broadening your horizon, you'll realize how many other opportunities you have in terms of career paths and material gains. Some of you will want to pursue a specific career.

    Your lucky number




    If a friend invites you to do something soon, be cautious about committing too quickly. Wait to see how you feel in a couple days.


    This Sunday, take advantage of your time with your family to talk about light-hearted things.

    Your saying

    "One must be very wise or extremely stubborn to never change the way he thinks." Chinese proverb


    This Sunday, take advantage of your free time to get as much rest as you can. You need it.

    Your color

    For a mysterious and elegant look, opt for a purple blouse!

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