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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- September 3rd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today you're feeling deeply frustrated. Your partner might finally achieve their greatest projects, whereas you're not anywhere near finishing your own. You want to speed things up -- you're doing everything you can to succeed, but something seems to be holding you back. Try to relax for now.


    Single Leos might want to get a change of scenery, perhaps to get out into the country. It's possible that your plans to move out of the country will start to fall into place more quickly than you had expected. Indeed, perhaps what you need to is to wipe the slate clean with respect to your past and turn over a new leaf.

    Sexy tip

    Dare to scream during sex... Oh yes... Harder... I love it... The louder you are, the better it is! What are you waiting for?


    Your colleagues might be upset with you for something you did a while back. You'll need to find some common ground in order to be able to work together. This will be a difficult day at work.

    Your finances

    Certain investments you've made won't pay off as well as you might have hoped. You're going to need to downsize your ambitions and aim for a more reasonable budget.

    Your lucky number




    Your day will be overshadowed by doubts you're having about certain friendships. You're not sure that your relationship with certain friends is really worth it.


    You're having doubts about your career prospects. Look to your loved ones for helpful advice.

    Your saying

    "Expect a lot from yourself and little from others. You will save yourself many problems." Confucius


    You feel like going out and seeing people, and just having fun. Why not start this evening?

    Your color

    Borderline fuchsia, Turkish purple will go very well with plum-colored make-up to give you silky eyes.

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