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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- August 10th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner only has eyes for you and will be following you around like a little puppy dog all day. They agree with everything you say, think and do and they make no secret of the fact that they love you to pieces. That said, you have a tendency to push them to their limits with your increasingly unreasonable expectations of them. Remember to ask for their opinion from time to time!


    You've decided to put your fears to one side and get back in the driving seat when it comes to your love life. Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Trust your instincts when sussing out a certain someone as the stars suggest there could be more to this budding romance than meets the eye. If you don't feel comfortable in their presence then give them a wide berth.

    Sexy tip

    You don't need to wear fragrance, your natural scent is enough to drive your partner crazy... Try out scented massage oils on his body too!


    If you're in talks with a business partner then their attitude will leave you wanting to tear your hair out. They're making life difficult for you and their unrealistic demands have left you ready to blow a fuse. Try to keep your cool and use your skills of negotiation to get the deal done and dusted before your boss starts asking questions. You can do it!

    Your finances

    Your finances are stable at the moment so you can breathe a sigh of relief. You've managed to set some cash aside for a rainy day so there is no harm in treating yourself every now and again. If a family member offers you some financial advice then make sure you follow it to the letter. It will definitely pay off in the long run!

    Your lucky number




    Your friends always give you a boost of positive energy and help you to look on the bright side. That said, please remember that friendships are a two way street so show them your gratitude with actions rather than words.


    You sometimes wonder whether your relatives are taking advantage of your generosity. A phone call from a sibling will be the straw that broke the camel's back and you'll decide to say something.

    Your saying

    "He who cannot think far will see problems from very close." Confucius


    Pay no attention to what other people have to say to you today. You can't please everyone and if you try then you'll only regret it.

    Your color

    For a chic and sophisticated look, opt for a pearl-gray pantsuit.

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