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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- May 1st, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You think you have found the ideal way to love your partner and express your love towards the latter. Venus in Gemini is favoring new encounters and you build new bonds together. A busier social life makes you very complicit with your better half. The evening could take place in a charming setting and you may decide to have dinner, just the two of you.


    Your chances to find love are great today. You are going to make interesting and very promising encounters. Affinities with someone in your work environment are likely. Let yourself be seduced by lowering your guard, because you tend to be on the defensive as soon as you meet a wonderful person. Your mistrust makes you way too cautious.

    Sexy tip

    Ginger from starter to dessert: what a night you're going to have! You just cannot seem to get enough...


    Professional rivalries will arise between you and the colleagues you trusted before. It's difficult to avoid these power struggles. Don't get into a huff as soon as someone opposes you, especially if that person is your boss for example.

    Your finances

    A good financial control is allowing you to avoid any serious problems in your banking. You may want to do some shopping to please your loved ones because your generosity is your second nature. Indulge yourself without any restraint.

    Your lucky number




    Friends are affectionate with you today and you are receptive to their kindness. The day will be pleasant and could likely lead to a social evening.


    It is advisable to make room for your family members at the moment. Your presence is appreciated by people who listen to you religiously.

    Your saying

    « If you are rich, give some of your wealth, if you are poor, give some of your heart » Berber saying


    Your may have back problems today. Remember to take care when you do a sports activity.

    Your color

    Trendier than lime green, acid green, the color of absinthe, makes a welcome appearance in your wardrobe.

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