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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- April 15th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You need advise for your professional life? You've come to the right place! Your partner will be delighted to help you and give you advise, regardless of your worries. Your partner supports you. His/her support is comforting. Sticking together helps move forward hand in hand and in the same direction.


    Are you looking for love? You display a sort of nonchalance which may lead to believe the opposite. It doesn't matter what others think, you've decided to lead your singleton life as you wish. Since you've made this choice, you seem to be satisfied, even though you're not against a change.

    Sexy tip

    A romantic, caring and affectionate partner will be what you need to relax! Whisper romantic and sensual words into your partner's ear!


    Are you looking for a job? The day isn't going to be easy, you may come across obstacles. You're not motivated about confronting disadvantages, you're discouraged. A bright spot revives your enthusiasm.

    Your finances

    Did you go overboard with your credit card buddy Gemini? If one were to believe the ongoing on your account, the answer is yes! To avoid any abuse or impulsive buys, don't put your credit card within reach.

    Your lucky number




    It's not easy to understand you. Even your friends have a hard time following up your ideas. Some days are with and some without!


    It's possible dear Gemini that the decisions you take don't please everyone. You try to dissuade them!

    Your saying

    « Believe, if you want, that mountains have moved. But don't believe that a man can change his true nature » Persian saying


    Little mood swings in sight, you quickly move on from laughter to tears. Spare your efforts!

    Your color

    A minty nail varnish will freshen up your appearance.

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