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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- December 29th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You don't take it easy. Criticism comes from all sides with your partner. The atmosphere is tense. You need to review your communication. Even sense of humor doesn't work! You need to be careful during your exchanges. This could lead to a stupid fight! Favor kindness. It'll relax the atmosphere and romanticism will be back!


    Major chance in love. You could meet someone. But this may not last long! This could be a fling. There could be a seduction game but you're hesitant with your feelings. Grant yourself some time before committing! This is the best solution. Getting distance could be rewarding. Time favors you!

    Sexy tip

    A lack of energy? Try a massage with essential oils. Enjoy your partner's hands slowly caressing your body...


    Discussions with your colleagues aren't really constructive. Each one takes all the credit! Working methods are beginning to be differ. You may tackle tedious tasks and this tires you out. Temporary discouragement during the day could take place.

    Your finances

    You need to review your finances. You spend a lot and feel you're right in doing so! Salary is going to increase, you wait for this moment to spend again. You look for the right method to save money. Yielding profit from your income could be a lead.

    Your lucky number




    You know how to pamper your friends! Improvising an evening may feel good! Your humor is contagious! A last minute evening on the way!


    An improvised evening on the agenda with a loved one. You may confide family secrets in one another. There is a friendly atmosphere.

    Your saying

    "Hell is to no longer love." Georges Bernanos


    Don't forget to air out your mind! You need to be careful with piled up fatigue! Don't neglect signs of burn out.

    Your color

    Between cherry and orangey-red, nacarat is a pearly color, ideal to brighten up your smile!

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