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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- December 7th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Activity at home is possible. You plan on doing little works. This might be related to decoration. Changing your environment is possible. Dare to renew. You may spice up your couple through creative moments. Sexuality is quite high. Affection gets the upper hand on intimate and sexual life.


    The day is going to be rather calm. You continue dreaming. Fantasies are important. They help you review your desires. You realize what you want better. Your heart may be torn between two people. Making a romantic choice seems tough! You like both these people! They complete one another and make you feel fulfilled.

    Sexy tip

    Be inventive, give new positions a try, enjoy a change of pace and scenery. You know exactly how to surprise your partner, and it works!


    You can't stop, extremely active with your tasks, so take some breaks. Watch out for your kindness. A colleague may take advantage of this as you're generous. Say so tactfully so that you don't offend the person. It's important to remain focused.

    Your finances

    To keep your finances stable, you favor good deals. You're attracted by the sales. While walking around, you may bargain hunt. Despite major heart stoppers, you'll remain careful. You window-shop!

    Your lucky number




    Be natural just like one loves you! Your bright personality is a delight to see. The day favors an unexpected reunion with an old friend.


    This is the moment to spend time with loved ones. This could be a domestic service. This request is related to odd jobs.

    Your saying

    "The one thing nearly as good as to love is to tell someone you love them." André Gide


    You like being alone. Dreaming alone suits you wonderfully. Meditation could revitalize you.

    Your color

    Add madder red to your wardrobe for a dynamic and sexy look.

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