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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- October 24th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Who'll make the other one jealous, you're the only one who'll know but this suspicion, even muffled, will come in the way of romantic momentum. Your sign is an inventive one, you won't know what to think of your partner's attitude or the one you need to take on to avoid tensions. You won't get a response today as communication will be cut short.


    Nothing but complications with this suitor, but you'll want to believe that it's worth it. You must admit that you'll fall for this person. This person will motivate you so that you don't give these little disturbances any importance. This relationship will be temporary and you'll like it for the time being. But a little too passionate for you.

    Sexy tip

    Alternating between boiling hot and freezing cold will awaken all of your senses! Ask him up for a last drink "on the rocks"... And keep the ice for later!


    Even if you have a few failures, you'll remain willing. You'll want to feel useful in a project which is important to you. Your negotiating talents will help you assert yourself. You'll want to progress, period!

    Your finances

    Your need for novelty may encourage you to spend money. You'll like the excitement when you buy things, the fact of discovering current trends which will probably trigger major budgetary gaps that you'll need to make up for.

    Your lucky number




    Your strength of character may put you ill at ease or make you shut doors. Try to adapt to the sensitivity of your relational entourage.


    You'll be able to adapt to the request of your loved ones but on the other hand, flexibility won't be present. You won't get affected.

    Your saying

    "I don't try to find the answers, I try to understand the questions." Confucius


    Your dynamism will make you feel good. To preserve this shape, take care of yourself, if possible.

    Your color

    For a retro pinup, and not a bimbo Barbie, look, wear hints of fuchsia-pink.

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